Itchy Monkey Press is an independent publisher specialising in writings on punk rock. With an initial release of Ted Curtis’ The Darkening Light, a novel based on the north London anarcho-punk scene of the 1980s, Itchy Monkey then saw the release of the much-awaited Tales From the Punkside, edited by founder Mike Dines and radical thinker Greg Bull. Tales From the Punkside is a work that pulls together prose, lightboxpoetry, art and the academic to express the everyday in punk. Written in the style of an ‘anarcho-narrative’, the book is an attempt to present punk in an intelligent and thoughtful light without getting bogged down by the academic. The volume is easy to read and great to look at and includes chapters on squatting, women in punk and glue sniffing.

As a follow up, Itchy Monkey published‘Some of Us Scream Some of Us Shout’: Myths, Folklore and Epic Tales of the Anarcho, followed by Alastair Gordon’s monograph Crass Reflections. There are two forthcoming volumes, And All Around Us Was Darkness and Tales From the Stones: Lonnies, Boobies and Bards of Albion. 

Authors, artists, poets are encouraged to get in touch!



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