And All Around Was Darkness…


Call for submissions:
Project title: And All Around Was Darkness…

Contributions are invited to a new companion title to the existing trilogy on participants’ experience of punk (Tales From the Punkside, Not Just Bits of Paper and Some of Us Scream, Some of Us Shout). This proposed new title And All Around Was Darkness… will again have a specific punk/anarcho-punk focus.
This time the editors are asking for chapters on various topics, rather than just music and gig flyers. “Fiction” contributions should be heavily autobiographical in nature, and based on real events and real things [although names and situations can be changed to protect the innocent!]. The aim is to record the direct experience of punks in the words of punks. Chapters are invited on themes including (but not restricted to):

• We would like to see chapters on stuff like
• Fanzines
• Communication and Soapy Stamps
• Squatted Venues
• Pamphleteers and Pamphlets
• Design and printing posters and fly-posting tales
• Hitchhiking tales
• Fear of nuclear war
• Setting up a record label
• Animal Rights
• Support for non anarcho causes like The Miners’ Strike
• How Gigs Were Set Up
• Direct action such as Stop the City, CND Demos, Huntsabbing, The Unilever Incident, and more
• What it was like being in a lesser known band
• What it was like being in a band/attending gigs at a very young age [under 12]
• Female perspectives on any or all of the above would be especially welcomed

The intention to to shift the focus away from music, at least to an extent, to look instead at how anarcho-punk inspired people to actually do stuff, take direct action, form bands, squat venues, write fanzines…

The book will provide space for opinion and reflection and comment and what impact those times had on the people who were part of that punk culture; about what that impact has meant over time; and what the personal legacies of those times are for the people who lived through them.