Priddy Update

I recently received an email update from Paul Fraser concerning the story that he shared about the Green ‘n’ White Tipi. The email is below….

I am involved with others on the story of the other Tipi i was with during 1976 / 77. .the Yellow one pictured at the top of my story at Elan Valley . .this was a 30 foot Tipi made as a communal lodge by the people who went on to found Tipi Valley at Talley in mid Wales . .for reasons we don’t know the financiers and builders of this massive Tipi handed control of it over to a guy called Belfast Brian and his motley crew in early summer 76 , from which point he ran it as a free food kitchen which toured the festivals for the next 3 years , before coming to some vague and untimely end following a raid on a post office on the Gower in south Wales . . . a lady in Tiverton is collecting all the stories and memories of this Tipi coming in from Australia, Ireland and Spain as well as closer to home . . .when it’s done , which may take some time , i’ll send you a link . .i think you might enjoy it .

In the meantime, the guy who almost single handedly started the interest in Tipi living in Britain enjoyed making movies, Chris Waite, before he dropped out Chris had been involved in the movie industry in London and had actually played a role in a Steve McQueen film about racing at the Le Mans 24hrs . .at Chris’s funeral at Talley last year , i was talking to one of his friends from the ’60s…anyway Chris kept a movie camera with him into Tipi days and some of these films are up on Vimeo . .not good quality and in particular the ones of festivals are badly edited . .but this one i’m linking in was 1974 . .Chris , Jill and child had come from a winter in Ireland , called in at Glastonbury and the gone on the the 74 Windsor that was evicted by the police ,and moved to Stonehenge , which looks very wet . . . films of Henge 76 etc can be found on the Vimeo page as well , maybe you already know about this , but i enjoyed watching The Storm last night and thought i’d pass it on . . . .so if you have 30 minutes of down time in a busy life you may want to watch this piece of fundamental history of Tipis in Britain you have to click on Chris’s face on the Vimeo page to get the playlist .

Ok , see you later , all the best , Paul .

The Storm. from ChrisWaite on Vimeo.

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